Based in Co Wexford in the Sunny Southeast of Ireland we are 100% Irish! All of our beautiful products are made by hand in Ireland. Using only the best quality fabrics and materials – even down to our headbands, clips and adhesives we offer a wide range gorgeous girly bows and accessories all made with extra care, attention to detail and a lot of love

Hi, I’m Lynne – Mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunty,  godmother, friend just doing something I really love.  Working from my home in Gorey Co Wexford Ireland I run this small Irish Business, I make everything myself by hand.  The Little Bow Boutique was born from a need and desire to do something for me, to help with my anxiety and the sometimes overwhelming everyday life.  My daughter Emily, came into the world in 2012 and was instantly referred to as Princess Emily by all of my family and from the moment she was born was the girliest girl I’ve ever known.  Loving all things sparkly, pretty and especially pink she has always loved bows!  I started making them for her as a hobby about 4 years ago which quickly spiralled into making them for friends and family too – the feedback and encouragement from everyone pushed me to make it into a little business in March 2018 which has grown and grown.  My working background was in sales & marketing with a keen interest in all things online, so putting my crafty heart and business head together I found something to work at that I truly love

From selling online to craft fairs and being stocked in the fabulous Jalanda Kids Wear in my hometown Gorey I have made and sold countless bows over the last few years that have brought smiles to so many faces, how could I not feel privileged and so lucky?

I genuinely cannot thank all of my customers enough for all the support and love since I started and will be forever grateful to each and every one of you

Lynne xxx